Genius uses for baking soda

10 Genius Uses for Baking Soda at the Holidays

It’s no secret that baking soda is one of the most versatile, cheap, and useful products you can have at home. It’s great for cleaning, baking, deodorizing and much more. The many practical uses for baking soda extend to just about every area of your home. And at about 50 cents a box, you simply can’t beat the value!

You may already use baking soda to clean and freshen things around the house, whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry. These tricks will help you get your home ready for holiday hosting, whether it’s a dinner with family, a party, or hosting friends or loved ones from out of town.

Here are 10 genius uses for baking soda at the holidays:

Freshen your fridge

Whether you’re hosting a holiday get-together where you’ll be the chef or are just enjoying a simple holiday meal with your family, it helps to have a fresh fridge. Use baking soda to absorb all of those food odors that can leave your refrigerator smelling stinky. Your prepared food dishes will retain their delicious tastes and you won’t catch a nasty whiff every time that you open the fridge door. Odor absorber is one of the best uses for baking soda, especially when your refrigerator is getting a workout!

Eliminate stains and odors from plastic food storage containers

If you’re hosting a holiday meal, then you probably know you’ll need to find plastic containers for guests to take home leftovers. Gather all of your old containers and give them a good scrub using baking soda. It’ll remove old stains and leave the containers smelling fresh. Guests will be glad to take home some turkey, hams, or sides using a freshly washed and stain-free plastic food storage container.

Keep your guest bathroom squeaky clean

It’s probably going to get a lot of use over the holidays, so give your guest bathroom some extra attention. Use baking soda and vinegar as a natural and safe cleaner to make sinks and tubs sparkle. Put a little baking soda down the drain to clear out any clogged up gunk and eliminate odors. Guests will be glad you took the time to make the powder room or guest bath as clean and inviting as it can be!

Whiten coffee cups

Since you’ll probably be serving coffee and tea to your holiday guests, you’ll want your cups and mugs to look their best. Get rid of those old, ugly brown stains that stick on mugs without using any chemical cleansers. Use a baking soda paste to whiten the cups and make them sparkle and shine.

Give ceramic dishes a new look

Take a look at your ceramic dishes and you may notice small scuff marks from forks and knives. To give them a great new look before setting the holiday table, simply buff them out with baking soda.

Remove burned-on food from pots and pans

Cooking for a holiday dinner can get messy! Pots and pans are likely to be covered with grease and burnt-on food crust. To get rid of the buildup without scratching or damaging your cookware, simply leave them to soak with baking soda for a few hours. When you go to gently scrub away the buildup, it should come right off! Just rinse it away and enjoy having clean pots and pans without having to scrub.

Deodorize carpets before and after gatherings

One of the best uses for baking soda is as a natural deodorizer and odor absorber. Foot traffic can take a toll on your carpets and rugs, especially over the busy holiday season. Freshen up your carpeting by sprinkling on some baking soda and allow it to sit on the carpet fibers for 30 minutes. Follow up by running the vacuuming. It’ll get rid of funky feet smells and leave your carpet looking clean. You can do this both before and after hosting holiday guests.

Sprinkle on snowy or icy walkways and stairs

Instead of using harsh de-icing products with chemical ingredients or salt, go the natural way by using baking soda. Salt can erode walkways and damage floors when tracked into the house. Baking soda acts similarly to salt, melting away snow and keeping walkways safe from icy buildup. After about 15 minutes of being applied to walkways, it’ll start to melt the snow and ice. Its abrasive texture gives shoes a little extra grip. It may not work as quickly and effectively to melt a significant amount of snow, but if a few flakes fall and you need a de-icer in a pinch, try this trick.

Make DIY air fresheners to give as homemade gifts

Looking for a budget-friendly gift idea to give this holiday season? Get crafty and do a DIY project. All you’ll need is a mason jar, some baking soda, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil scents. Place a few tablespoons of baking soda into each jar. Then add a few drops of essential oil. Use a piece of fabric to cover the top of the jar and secure it with the ring lid. A baking soda air freshener is super cute, cheap, and yet still thoughtful and useful!

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Bake delicious holiday treats

Ok, this one is no secret, but baking soda is an essential ingredient in so many delicious sweet treats! Make sure you have plenty on hand this holiday season before you start baking. Stock up your pantry so that you have baking soda for every purpose, but especially for holiday baking.

Creative uses for baking soda