Budget wedding tips

6 Simple Wedding Cost Cutting Tips & Tricks

Easy Ideas to Save More on a Budget Wedding

One of the most overwhelming aspects of planning a budget wedding is trying to stay on top of spending. This is especially true for budget brides planning such a big day with limited funds and little wiggle room. Stretching every dollar is so important, but it can be a challenge. If you’ve ever planned any kind of party or event, you know how quickly costs can spiral out of control! Luckily there are some easy ways to keep your wedding budget in check as you’re planning.

Here are some simple tips & tricks to use to save even more on your budget-friendly wedding:

Ask for help

Don’t be shy about asking your closest friends and loved ones for a little help here and there. You can turn a wedding-related task into a few hours of fun by inviting your girlfriends over for drinks and decor making. The key is always showing gratitude and letting your loved ones know how much you appreciate their help!

Choose a Cheap Venue

According to WeddingWire.com, the average cost of a venue for a wedding in the US is $5,400. This doesn’t even necessarily include the food and drinks, as well as all of the extras like flowers and decor. Cut your venue costs down by choosing somewhere cheap, yet still stylish and functional.

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Go Faux

Use a combination of faux and real flowers. While beautiful, real flowers can cost a ton. This is more so because of the labor costs for the florist than the flowers themselves, but as a bride, you likely don’t want to spend the hours before your ceremony making arrangements.

Cut your floral budget by using faux where you can, like in centerpieces. Use real flowers in your bouquet. Just be sure to shop around and find fake florals that look realistic and elegant, rather than cheap. Spending a little more on fake flowers can still cost you less than working with a florist.

DIY Invitations

TheWeddingReport.com found that the average cost for wedding invites for 150 guests comes in at $245. That might not sound too bad, but then you need to factor in the extras like Thank You cards, place cards, save the dates, menu cards, etc. Add on postage and your costs can quickly skyrocket to as much as $750!

You can save so much on your budget wedding by making the invitation yourself or using a pre-made, rather than a custom design. Don’t sweat the small details, like specialty paper or decorative edges. Your guests really won’t appreciate or care about those little details, and if you’re trying to save money, you likely won’t, either.

DIY wedding invites

Put the Word Out Early

Before you hire a DJ, book a photographer, or choose your caterer, ask around. Put the word out to family, friends, and coworkers that you’re seeking talented individuals for any and all of these jobs. You never know who may have a connection to someone who does DJ gigs on the side, or runs a family owned catering business, etc.

Working with someone who has a personal connection to you can help you save, and its a great way to support a small business. They may be willing to do the job for a better rate than someone you find and hire online.

Do It Your Way

When it comes to weddings, you’ll quickly find that everyone has an opinion. Don’t let the idea of traditions and “must-haves” creep into your wedding plans. Do your budget wedding the way that you want to, and make it meaningful for you as a couple.

You shouldn’tĀ feel obligated to spend money on any aspect of the event just because. If friends or family try to guilt or pressure you into changing your wedding plans to match what they think is best, politely decline their advice. let them know you’re sticking to a budget and planning the wedding that you want, not the wedding that they think you should have.


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