Christmas in July

early christmas shoppingChristmas may still be 5 months away, but I’m just about done shopping for gifts!

Yep, that’s right, I’m extra organized and on the ball this year. There’s a few reasons for this- first, we’re bringing gifts with us overseas in September to avoid having to ship things during the busy holiday season, and second, I wanted to put the spending on the Barclaycard and earn those bonus rewards.

Here are some advantages to shopping for Christmas in July:

Less Stress at the Holidays

The holidays are always crazy-busy. Between snow storms, holiday parties, family gatherings, etc., your days can get pretty jam-packed. I always feel the pressure to get out there and get more gifts the closer it is to Christmas. This year, I can avoid the extra stress of shopping and spend more time baking (and eating) cookies.

Less Strain on your Budget

By spreading out the spending, your budget won’t take a big hit around the holidays. Money is going to be extra tight for us once we get back from our trip in late September, and I don’t want to have to worry about paying for presents or buying them on credit. The money we spend now means that we won’t have to spend it later.

Find Different Merchandise

I hate the way that every big box store has the same old stuff sitting on the shelves. It’s hard to surprise people with good gifts when you know that everybody has seen the same things at Target and the mall. If you start shopping this early, you can find different merchandise. If you travel and take a vacation, you can check out shops while you’re away and pick up some especially unique gifts.

Some of the downsides to super early Christmas shopping:

Seasonally Inappropriate Clothing

This was something that I hadn’t really thought about until I was browsing the racks. Just about everything that’s in stores at the moment is geared towards the summer season, obviously. Forget finding a sweater, scarf, or mittens!

Finding Somewhere to Stash the Gifts

Our house is pretty small, and there’s little real estate left in the closets. Trying to figure out where to stash the gifts has been interesting. I’m hoping that my super sleuth 3 year old doesn’t sniff out the things that I have hidden away.

Getting most of my shopping done now has me feeling a sense of relief. Come Christmastime, I won’t have to be out there, stressing about what to buy at the last minute. I was also able to put the spending towards the requirements for a bonus on the Barclaycard, so that’s a major plus.

What about you- do you do early Xmas shopping?

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21 comments on “Christmas in July

  • Ryan @ Impersonal Finance , Direct link to comment

    I usually get my Holiday shopping done in September, and I thought I was ahead of the game! We try to limit the amount we spend on gifts, as most of our family is “more settled” than we are, and not as good with their money, so if they want something they usually buy it. It definitely makes the giving a challenge. Maybe I’ll try to do it in August this year 🙂

    • Lauren , Direct link to comment

      I try to surprise people with things that I think they wouldn’t ordinarily buy themselves, but I guess that would be hard to do if you have a lot of spenders/shoppers in the fam. My family is really cheap, so that makes it easier to shop!

  • William , Direct link to comment

    Less stress, FTW! You can spend your time baking tasty treats instead of stress-eating little debbie cakes because you still haven’t shopped yet!

    What do you do about deciding what people want so far from Christmas?

    • Lauren , Direct link to comment

      Well, the kids are pretty easy to shop for (toys, books). As far as the adults, I just choose things that I’m pretty positive they’ll like. I enjoy surprising people, rather than just getting them something that they “need”- that’s boring! 😛

  • Mr Ikonz @ Project Ikonz , Direct link to comment

    Awesome idea about getting the shopping done early. At the moment, there seem to be a HUGE number of toy sales on, which would be fantastic if you have kids!

    I hate constantly rushing around the week before Xmas looking for last-minute gifts.

    When you’re trying to retire with $10m, every dollar counts! Great tips!

    • Lauren , Direct link to comment

      Yep, I got some toys on clearance from Target, and the Disney store was having a decent sale- perfect for my princess-loving daughter!

  • E.M. , Direct link to comment

    It’s really difficult for me to shop this early considering my family NEVER knows what they want until maybe a month beforehand (or a few weeks beforehand…). It’s also difficult now that I’m living away from them, as I’ll probably be shipping things to my grandma’s house for everyone else. I’m going to try to at least start around September. Congrats on getting it over with!

  • Kara , Direct link to comment

    I always shop early for Christmas, but never this early. That’s awesome you are almost done. What a huge relief! I have to shop early or I get WAY too stressed out.

  • Anne @ Money Propeller , Direct link to comment

    Your point about off season clothing is kind of hilarious. It was SMOKING hot outside on the weekend and my spouse and I were shopping for a new winter jacket for my spouse. We live in a ski town, so we have a great opportunity to buy off-season gear when it is WAY cheaper, albeit with a reduced selection. So, if you want season appropriate clothing, I should be picking it up for you!

  • Josh L Rodriguez , Direct link to comment

    You know, I always say I’m going to get my Christmas shopping done early, but I never do. I think this is the year I’m going to change that! Thanks for the motivation!

  • John @ Sprout Wealth , Direct link to comment

    We’re not done yet, but we shop early every year. We hate dealing with the craziness and it allows us time to get the best deals. We’re typically 90% done by the end of the summer and finish up on Amazon the week of Thanksgiving.

  • Liz , Direct link to comment

    This is so smart. I have no idea what I will be getting people yet so I need to get organized. I love the idea of going into the holidays without having to get a ton of shopping done. Thanks for the inspiration to start getting ready!

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