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updatesHappy Friday! All week long, I was thinking that we were a day ahead, so it’s like I got a bonus day this week! Or something like that…

Anyway, I think I’m letting go of the Weekly Wrap-Up for now. I like doing a wrap-up, but I just got tired of the title, so for now, I’ll stick to updates.

Life in General

I know everyone says it, but man, this summer is just flying by! We’re headed down the shore at the end of the month, and then August will be spent getting ready for our trip in September. We’re so excited to go to Bulgaria. We’ve been working on our itinerary so that we can fit a lot in. We’ll be spending time in the city, the countryside, and by the beach, and possibly even taking a quick trip to Greece and/or Serbia. I can’t wait.

We planted a small garden this year, and so far, so good! We’ve had tons of cucumbers, a few heads of lettuce, and we’ve got hot peppers, tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes ripening. Unfortunately, within the last week or so, there seems to be beetles wreaking havoc on our cucumber plant. We need to take care of this asap. Any advice?


I’ll admit, I lost steam with my body weight workout last month. I have continued to eat well though, and I’m still making my smoothies.

After looking around for some fun fitness options, I came across hooping. I ran out and bought a cheap kiddie hula hoop, not knowing that it wouldn’t work for an adult. After a little more research, I ordered this hoop from Amazon(affiliate), and I cannot wait to receive it!  Have you ever tried hooping?

Blog & Business

Traffic on the blog is slower this month, which I think can be attributed to the holiday, and summer in general. Everything in the freelance and online world seems to slow a bit during the summer months, so I’m not surprised. There have been days where I haven’t felt like doing much online because I’d rather be outdoors or hang with the family.

My side hustles are still bringing in some money. Fiverr is going okay, although again, sales have slowed down in the past few days. I don’t know if I’ll hit that $2k goal, but that’s alright. I’ll continue trying and doing what I can.


We hit the spending requirement for the Barclaycard, so we can stop thinking about it. I recieved the bonus miles as soon as we spent $3k, which was exciting to see in the account. Xmas shopping is almost done, and at this point, we’ve spent less than $200. This includes gifts for my in-laws, our niece, a cousin, and our daughter.

In August, we need to get our finances in order. Our income will take a hit while we’re gone, and we still have to be able to pay our bills, including health insurance. Since it comes out of M.’s paychecks, we’ll probably have to write a check for part of the payment. Not fun.

Reading Rainbow

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Have a great weekend!

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  • MMD , Direct link to comment

    Do you have Comcast for cable TV? My wife and I found a whole bunch of good fitness routines on their On Demand service for free that we workout to often.

  • E.M. , Direct link to comment

    I am so awful at hula hooping! We used to have that as part of a field day in elementary school and it was my least favorite activity. It sounds like your trip will be amazing! You’ll be leaving before you know it. I’ve been focusing on writing gigs outside of my blog, but I figured now was the perfect time since everyone is off enjoying the weather. Have a good weekend!

  • DC @ Young Adult Money , Direct link to comment

    My wife is very far along in our Christmas shopping, and I’m really grateful for it. It means that we don’t have to have a huge expense hit in November/December. Hope you have a great weekend as well!

  • Danielle , Direct link to comment

    I spent a few days in Varna, Bulgaria and loved it too! It was part of a cruise voyage and they replaced Egypt with Bulgaria because of the riots that year.. but Bulgaria was such a lovely hidden gem.

  • Hayley @ Disease Called Debt , Direct link to comment

    Hi Lauren

    Thank you for the mention! I’m looking forward to reading some more posts on your blog, especially about your side hustles. The fact that you have a $2K goal for your hustles sounds brilliant!

    Have a lovely weekend and I’m really glad you enjoyed my post.

    Hayley 🙂

  • Addison @ Cashville Skyline , Direct link to comment

    The trip to Bulgaria sounds amazing, especially since you’ll have the opportunity to show your sister around. I love gardening, but haven’t had much time for it due to work commitments. Getting your hands into the dirt seems to be therapeutic in some ways. Great job on eating well. That always seems harder than sticking with consistent workouts for me!

  • Shannon @ Financially Blonde , Direct link to comment

    Blog traffic is definitely slower. I have worked in numerous areas and it is amazing, no matter where I have worked, the summers are ALWAYS slow. The good thing is that right after Labor Day things always pick up and they usually pick up big time since people are well rested from their summer breaks. And your trip to Bulgaria sounds wonderful (as long as you like your in-laws 🙂 )

  • Ryan @ Impersonal Finance , Direct link to comment

    Bulgaria sounds amazing! I hope to have time to visit next summer, so I’ll be sure to ask you about it when you get back. Thanks for the mention! Enjoy your weekend, and spend some of it ourdoors 🙂

    • Lauren , Direct link to comment

      Bulgaria is absolutely amazing! Beautiful place, incredible history, delicious food and drinks, wonderful people. Of course, I’m biased, because that’s where my husband is from 😀

    • Lauren , Direct link to comment

      I actually lived in Bulgaria for 2 years! It’s where my husband is from, so this is a trip to visit family. My sister is coming along though, for the first time, so I get to show her around to all the sites. Very exciting.

  • Will , Direct link to comment

    Have you tried listening to audio books during your workouts? Getting to listen to an audio book for me is like a treat that makes me actually look forward to working out.

    Right now I’m reading, ‘Think and Grow Rich’.

  • Liz , Direct link to comment

    I’ve noticed slower traffic as well. I guess we are all out enjoying summer. I guess that’s a good thing! Have a great weekend too.

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