Wild Ponies, Whole30, and Optimism

As you may have guessed from the title, this post is a hodge-podge of randomness -an update on life, lately, if you will!

Road Trip Recap

Chincoteague ponyWe took a quick 2 night getaway this month to Chincoteague Island. It’s a tiny town in Virginia, home to wild ponies and adorable vacation villas. There wasn’t much to do in the winter, as you can imagine, but we did get to see some ponies and take in incredible sunsets over the bay. The sunsets alone made the trip worthwhile. It was absolutely freezing, but still nice to see somewhere new.

We’ve been picking our road trip destinations at random, which is one of the awesome perks of working for a hotel. M gets some stellar room rates throughout the year, and since we love to explore, we take full advantage.

Eating Better, Feeling Better

Although it’s a cliché, we are making an effort to get healthier this year. We didn’t set any resolutions, because I feel like it’s just a continuation of how we’ve been living. We definitely let fitness and healthy eating slide over the holidays, so I’m really pumped about getting back into it.

Have you heard of Whole30? I kept reading about it here and there, and I finally looked it up to see what all the hype was about. It sounds like a really restrictive eating plan at first, but basically, it’s all about cutting out sugar and processed foods.

I’m not really into diets, but I am interested in eating better, so it appealed to me on some level. We’re doing a modified sort of Whole30, cutting back on sugar and grains, no processed food, and no alcohol. Basically, I took the things from it that I think would work for us. I quickly realized that the key to sticking with it is meal planning. So far, I’ve got about 2 weeks worth of dinner ideas.


I’ve decided that optimism is going to be the theme of the year. We made so many great strides last year, and I just know that we can continue with that through 2015. 2014 was all about finding our footing, especially financially. We’re in a pretty good place now. We have big goals, but I think that with a positive attitude and hard work, they can be achieved.


“In the long run, the pessimist may be proved right, but the optimist has a better time on the trip.”                 -Daniel L. Reardon

How’s January shaping up for you?

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Lauren May is a freelance writer and full-time mom living her best life on a budget.

13 thoughts on “Wild Ponies, Whole30, and Optimism

  1. I love your parting quote! I’ve heard a lot about Whole30, but I’m not sure if I can follow it. I’ve been trying to cut down processed food, but I love my sugar. I hope to eat healthier this year, just like you.

  2. I have always wanted to see the ponies! How awesome!

    I have never heard of Whole30 but am going to check it out. I am trying to eat cleaner, but sugar is so hard to cut!

    1. It was a long time in the making for me to change my eating habits and the way that I look at the food that I eat. I think it takes time- just start with small changes, if you want, and it will keep going from there!

  3. My wife and I did 2 sets of Whole30 and loved the program. It’s insane that so many things you find in the grocery store contains sugar. I was shocked to find that most diced tomato or tomato products that we used to buy contain sugar. We are about to start another set of slightly modified Whole30.

    Where do you find your recipes?

    1. We just did a quick shopping trip and were shocked that literally everything we picked up has sugar in it. It’s nuts. For recipes, I just keep googling around for “whole 30 approved” shopping lists. I see what other people buy from where, like Trader Joes, and then I get dinner ideas. We eat pretty simply as it is, so it’s not too much of a stretch to just have a veggie omelet for dinner, or a big salad with some meat.

  4. I have not heard about the Whole 30 thing, but if you like it, let me know. I could always stand to eat better. So far my January is off to a great start and I am with you in my optimism for 2015!!

  5. I’ve heard pretty good things about whole 30. Cutting out sugar and less processed stuff is never a bad thing in my book. I have a pretty positive attitude but admit I’ve been a bit cranky this month for some reason. Now I just to figure out why and what to do about it! 🙂 I love that quote!

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