September’s Blog Income- A First!

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I started this blog 9 months ago, not with the intention to make money from it, but certainly with the hope of earning something, at some point. Well, I’m excited to share that September was the first month that I actually made a profit from The Write Budget!

Without further ado, here’s the grand total of my blog income last month:


When you take out hosting and other fees, I ended up with $112.38.

It pales in comparison to so many others, I know, but it’s a start! I will say that I am not at all savvy when it comes to affiliate advertising. I have tried different things in the past on other websites, and I never had much success. Even if I only made $100 a month from this site, I would be tickled. Up until last month, all of my earnings came from my freelance writing and editing gigs.

Making More?

It’s a great feeling to make money from a site that you dedicate so much time and attention to. I love this blog, and I would keep it up regardless of whether it earns, but I certainly would like to be making more (or anything!) in the coming months. I’m going to continue to use Adsense, and hopefully, I can partner with companies that I support and believe in. I’m definitely not willing to compromise the integrity of my site for any opportunity that comes along, and I have turned some things down. I would think that at some point, it can be a delicate balance between monetizing and keeping your blog standards up.

As for October, I haven’t made much yet, but we’ll see…

If you’re a blogger, how long did it take you to earn something significant from your site? Do you have any tips to share for monetization?

About Lauren

Lauren May is a freelance writer and full-time mom living her best life on a budget.

28 thoughts on “September’s Blog Income- A First!

  1. That’s awesome, Lauren! I have been meaning to put up Adsense to at least cover the cost of hosting and the domain. I don’t expect to make much, but $120 would make me happy! I receive emails about advertising from time to time, but I’m always leery about their legitimacy, as you said. Hopefully more deals come your way that you believe in!

  2. $120 from advertising is great and I am sure there must be plenty more companies out there wanting to advertise on your blog too. I am also interested in affiliate marketing: some say it’s wonderful, but some say it’s very hard to find the right niche and to market to it effectively.

    1. Yeah I feel like with affiliate links, you really need to have readers who are ready to buy and trust your opinion. Not always easy when there’s so many voices out there!

  3. Congrats Lauren on making blog income besides writing! I’m still toying with the notion of advertising on my blog but my increase in writing income was definitely helped because of having the blog.

  4. The first check is always the best! I still think having a consistent income from AdSense is a great way to make money on your blog. I’ve been doing paid reviews. I haven’t reached out to any companies, but they have emailed me. It helps to be clear about it in your ‘contact me’ page (I wrote on mine that I charge a flat $200 to review a product or service). I’m surprised at just how many companies are out there that are looking for exposure.

    1. I was pretty excited about it, but I don’t know if I can even reach $20 this month! I’m amazed by those bloggers who say they rake in hundreds or thousands.

  5. Congrats on making blog income this past month!! I have not made any affiliate income on my blog, but it has led to money making opportunities like freelance writing, so that’s fine with me.

    1. Thanks, Shannon! I actually started my blog hoping it would help land me more writing gigs, so anything I can make extra is just icing on the cake. I don’t know if it will continue, though.

    1. Thanks Brandy. It was not from affiliates actually, it was from advertising. I still have a lot to learn about affiliate income! Hasn’t been working out for me just yet.

      1. That’s really impressive advertising income. I’ve sold some sponsored content but that’s it. I would love to hear how you are earning so much on advertising

        1. So far, it was just a one-time deal. I got contacted out of the blue via email, and usually those offers turn out to be junk. However, this one was legit. I kind of couldn’t believe it myself until the money showed up in PayPal! The number also includes my Adsense earnings, but those are almost barely worth mentioning on their own.

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