Shout Outs: Autumn Edition

Happy weekend, frugal friends and fellow freelancers! I hope the autumnal weather is treating you well in your area. We’ve been having some unseasonably warm days, which is actually making me wish it would cool down a bit.

weddingLast Sunday, we attended my cousin’s wedding. It was a beautiful fall theme, and they definitely could not have wished for better weather. I love fall weddings because you can really carry the colors of the season throughout the decor. We also got to take our pumpkin placeholders home- score one for frugal fall decor!

We took our daughter to the pumpkin patch last week at a local orchard and enjoyed some apple cider and apple cider donuts, yum. We love that place in any season, but I think I’d like to make one more visit before Halloween. I’m on the fence about the haunted hayride, though- I keep thinking, do I really want to pay $20 to give myself a heart attack? I used to absolutely love haunted houses and all that spooky stuff when I was younger, but the older I get, I find myself becoming more of a scaredy cat! Anybody else like this?

On to the shout outs:

I was extremely flattered to be included in Cash Cow Couple’s Woman Crush Wednesday last week with such fabulous company. If you haven’t had a chance to check that out, be sure to head over and read about many of your favorite PF ladies.

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Have a great weekend!

13 comments on “Shout Outs: Autumn Edition

  • Kate @ Money Propeller , Direct link to comment

    I love apple cider so much! When I was a kid, I love riding a Halloween train and going to a haunted house, but now, I don’t like it anymore, my little daughter is even braver than me!

  • Mrs. Frugalwoods , Direct link to comment

    I love that you got to take home some wedding pumpkins! I took home pumpkins from a work party last week and I was thrilled! I’m always shocked that other people don’t want these freebies.

    I can’t handle scary movies or haunted houses either. I almost jumped when I saw a zombie decoration at the grocery store last night. Clearly I am not meant to go through a haunted house…

  • Tennille F. , Direct link to comment

    I used to be able to watch scary movies with my husband and not think another thing about it. Now I can’t go to sleep at night unless I have watched a “happy show” after watching a scary movie. I have to have “happy thoughts” to get rid of the bad ones! LOL As far as hayrides, I love them. Haunted or not.

  • Alexis , Direct link to comment

    I’ve heard way too many horror stories about haunted houses so I no longer enjoy them. I recently heard about a man getting ran over by a tractor in a paintball game at a haunted house. Who pays for that?!

    • Lauren , Direct link to comment

      That’s terrible! An actor got their leg caught in the tractor at one hayride I went to as a kid. I’m always afraid that some crazy person will dress like an actor and actually do something horrible!

  • Liz , Direct link to comment

    Thanks for the link Lauren! I’m personally not into the haunted house stuff.. a little too scary for me : ) I do remember LOVING them as a kid though… so maybe it is an age thing? I’ve hear of one haunted house in our area that will actually lock you in a coffin or something like that… umm no thanks!

  • Shannon @ Financially Blonde , Direct link to comment

    Thanks for the shout out Lauren!! I am celebrating my anniversary with my hubby in the Pocono Mountains. I love getting away for a few nights. Have a great weekend!!

  • Michelle , Direct link to comment

    Haha I always tell myself that I want to go to a haunted house, but once I get there I always regret the decision. That being said, I do want to go on a haunted hayride this year 🙂

  • Erin @ Journey to Saving , Direct link to comment

    Thanks for the mention, Lauren! I’m a total scaredy cat, but I always have been! I’ve only been to two haunted maze type things, and I get an anxiety just thinking about going in. No thanks! I’d rather go apple and pumpkin picking. =)

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