Starting the Year Off “Write”

After months of tossing around the idea of a self-hosted site focusing on personal finance and freelancing, I finally took the leap.  I’m throwing my hat into the ring and seeing where it takes me!

The first post is always the most awkward to write, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Who, What, Where

My name is Lauren.  I’m a freelance writer married to M, and together we have a nearly 3-year-old daughter.  After living abroad for a few years in my husband’s home country, we have settled permanently in the states.  We’re really dedicated to staying on top of our finances and have found budgeting to be essential to managing our money.  Since moving to the U.S. in June of 2013, we’ve had to pretty much start building our life here from the ground up.  We took a leap of faith and are now doing our best to land on our feet.

Freelance writing is how I was able to reach my goal of paying off my student loan debt last spring.  I would love to expand my skills and experience by doing more freelance blogging and writing under my own name (I’ve been ghostwriting for several years).

Travel is a huge passion for us.  When time and money allows, we enjoy taking trips of all kinds- weekend getaways, week-long stays, we love it all!  Living as an expat for a few years was a great experience that I’m so glad to have had.

I don’t have too many goals and expectations for the blog at this point.  I’m really just seeking an outlet that will help me share with others while continuing to learn about finances and freelancing.

Thanks for reading!