Weekly Wrap-Up #17- Roadtrip to Gettysburg

gettysburg battlefield We took off on a little roadtrip on Thursday and headed West to Gettysburg. This is the first of hopefully many trips that we’ll be taking to explore the areas around us. It was almost a 3 hour drive, but there was a lot of beautiful scenery to take in. We went through farmlands, a state forest, and charming little towns.

I hadn’t been to Gettysburg since a school field trip years ago, so this was kind of like seeing it for the first time. Just looking at the points of interest on the battlefield tour, it doesn’t seem like anything unusual- open fields, wooded areas- but when you think about what actually occurred there in 1863, there’s a heaviness in the air. About 50,000 soldiers died in the battle of Gettysburg over 3 days in July, and it’s a number that’s really hard to wrap your head around.

If you’ve ever thought about visiting, I definitely recommend it. The town itself is really charming. We stayed in Chambersburg, about a 25 minute drive away.

Rural PA is so different than what I’m used to, and I find it really fascinating. This trip got us thinking about if we could live in a place like that, with a seemingly slower pace of life. The natural beauty is certainly a big draw. As someone who grew up in the burbs of a major city, it would definitely be a lifestyle choice to move to a rural area, and one that I’m not sure that I’m cut out for. I loved the tiny town that I lived in Alaska and would move there in a heartbeat, but with the tourist industry, there was a lot of hustle and bustle there, too. This trip gave us a lot to think about.

Blog Updates

As I mentioned last week, my Alexa scored has started going back up! Today it’s at 122,175. It’s really weird and annoying, but I don’t think that there’s anything I can do about it. I’ll keep posting as usual, and hopefully it will either stay where it is or go back down.

Pageviews have been steadily increasing every month, and I’m happy to say that May was no exception- it was my best month yet! Thanks so much to everyone who is reading and has shared my posts- I appreciate it so very much!  If you’re reading and haven’t ever commented, please say hi!  I’d love to hear from you.

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Hope you had a great week!

11 comments on “Weekly Wrap-Up #17- Roadtrip to Gettysburg

  • Andrew , Direct link to comment

    I got my Alexa kinda low at one point when I was posting more consistently…but I had a lot less traffic then so I try not to worry about the stats. Sometimes it’s nice to go to a rural part of the country and get out of the hustle and bustle of city life…I’ve thought about going to Amish country, would be interesting to see a different way of life.

    • Lauren , Direct link to comment

      See, that’s why it’s confusing me- I started posting more and it went up! Oh well. I find Amish life fascinating, but I can’t imagine living that way forever.

  • E.M. , Direct link to comment

    Congrats on seeing traffic increase! That’s always fun. Admittedly, I try not to get sucked into those numbers, but it is nice to get new readers.

    We visited my parents this weekend, which is 3.5 hours away, through tons of rural land, and I often wonder if I could live like that as well. My boyfriend and I were discussing that last night during the drive! I have to wonder how they do it. No stores or anything within 30 miles or more? Yikes. Not sure if I’m cut out for it, either.

    • Lauren , Direct link to comment

      Yeah, it seems like a trip to the store would be like an event. There were no Targets around either, which I would hate.

  • MoneyAhoy , Direct link to comment


    Thanks for the mention 🙂 My Alexa rank has been going way up too! I was able to get it down to ~132,000 , and now it has gone all the way up to 165,000! Definitely not cool 🙁

    • Lauren , Direct link to comment

      Wow, that’s crazy! Wonder what’s going on with it. I’m sick of worrying about mine at this point.

  • debs (@debtdebs) , Direct link to comment

    Hey Lauren ~ Thanks for linking my post. Glad you thought it was worthy.

    I’m interested in visiting there sometime. I’m sure it is quite fascinating with the historical significance. We’ve only ever driven through the area on our way to Florida.

    How neat that you lived in Alaska! I can’t even get hubs to agree to an Alaskan cruise because he hates the cold so much. I love scenery, hot or cold.

    • Lauren , Direct link to comment

      Deb- tell your husband that Alaska isn’t cold in the summer! Well, the cruise stops, at least. You can get damp and chilly days, but overall, the summer is just lovely there. My second year, it was record breaking heat, I think it got close to 90!

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