Weekly Wrap-Up #4- Stocking Up

Wow, where did this week go?!  It really seemed to fly by, which is totally fine by me.  Bring on March!

Not too much happening on the money front here lately.  We spent more than we planned to on a recent trip to Target because they had some good deals going on for things that we use.  Sometimes they run sales like buy x amount of this product and receive a $5 gift card, which ends up reducing the per-item price enough to make it worthwhile.  With those deals and a few coupons, we decided to take advantage and stock up.

We also set an annual budget for clothing.  Until now, we actually hadn’t made a spending category for clothing in our budget.  We don’t often shop for new things, so it just wasn’t something that we really thought about.  But it’s looking like we’ll all be needing some new items soon, so we decided on $500.

Last year, I had challenged myself to keep my clothes spending under $200 for 6 months, and I stayed well below that.  $500 should probably be fine for the 3 of us, since our daughter receives a lot of clothes as gifts. I used to care a great deal about having fashionable clothing, but then I started living out of a suitcase for several years and really honed my minimalist skills!  I’m planning on writing about my minimalist attitude soon.

Alexa Score Update: Down to 372,512- I’ll take it!

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Hope you have a great week!

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