Weekly Wrap-Up #7- We Bought a Car!

After weeks and weeks of researching and searching, we finally got a car!  And let me tell you- it’s a huge weight off of our shoulders.

Up until now, we’ve been borrowing my mother’s, which was incredibly kind and generous of her, but not exactly convenient for any of us.  I know she’s glad to have her car back, and we’re glad to have our own.

Finding a Car

We knew that we didn’t want to get a brand new car and have those big monthly payments, but the used market in our area proved to be a bit challenging.  All of the used vehicles we checked out at dealerships were much higher than we wanted to spend- we would have had to finance one, completely defeating the point of going with used!  Craigslist was discouraging, and it’s especially hard to find something decent when you aren’t knowledgable about the mechanics.  It would be so easy to get ripped off by a private seller.

So much to consider, and even though we weren’t spending a ton of money, it was still a lot to us.  Since we just moved to the US last summer, it’s taken a lot of effort to get on our feet.  Buying a car was one of the big steps in our journey to getting settled.

In the end, we found a 2000 Mercury from a friend of a relative.  It’s so nice to buy from someone who you can trust.  We’re really happy with it, so hopefully it lasts us for a long while!

Alexa Rank Update: I’m feeling good about my ranking this week- down to 220,957.  I could potentially reach the goal by the end of this month.

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Hope you have an awesome week!

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