Weekly Wrap-Up #10- Is My PF Blogger Card Revoked?

Calgon, take me away...
Calgon, take me away…

This has been one of those weeks where I just want to hide under the covers, or be whisked away to a tropical island escape.

It all started on Monday. I was shopping for groceries when I got an urgent call from M regarding our “new” used car. The one that we just bought 2 weeks ago.

I’ll spare you the details, because to be quite honest, I just don’t have it in me to relive the whole experience again right now. To make a long story short, that car is on its way to a new home, the junkyard. The whole situation was scary enough that I just wanted this awful vehicle out of our lives.

There is nothing more important to me than the safety of my family, and you simply cannot put a price on that. With that in mind, we headed out to some car dealerships the other day and began looking at newer pre-owned vehicles in our price range. We found a 2012 model that we really liked, and took it for a test drive. We talked it over, we ran the numbers.

And then we did something that no personal finance blogger is supposed to do- we financed a car!

Now before you come after me to revoke my pf blogger card, let me lay out the deets:

Thanks to our emergency fund/savings account, we were able to put down a significant amount. I have an excellent credit score, which scored me a nice low monthly payment with a low interest rate. The loan term is for 60 months, but we’re confident that we’ll be able to pay it off in half that time, or less. After all, I hate having debt, and I know how to work hard to get rid of it.

This wasn’t what we originally wanted to do, and we tried hard to avoid it. We thought we did the right thing by buying a decent used car from people that we trusted, and who assured us that it was a great vehicle. I’m not putting blame on anyone, but this experience taught us a lot.

The health and safety of our child is our primary concern, always, and we need a car that we feel safe and secure in. Of course we want to make the best financial decisions too, and we feel like the benefits here outweigh the cons. Hopefully we made the right choice this time. Yes, we’ve got a monthly car payment now, but we feel pretty good about the situation as a whole, all things considered.


This week went by so fast, I had little time to dedicate to blogging.  But hey, that’s life.  Sometimes, you just have to go with it!

Alexa Rank Update: A little progress this week- sitting at 151,896.

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Well, that’s all I’ve got for this week.  Next Sunday I’ll be back with links, as usual.  Hope your week was better than mine!

So what do you think- is my pf blogger card revoked?  Would you kick me out of the club? 🙂

16 comments on “Weekly Wrap-Up #10- Is My PF Blogger Card Revoked?

  • MoneyAhoy , Direct link to comment


    I can understand your situation as I found a “new” used car recently as well. I was able to find a used 2007 Corolla for $6,900 with only like 74K miles. But, it took me nearly 6 months to find the right car!

    If you’re in a bind and you need a safe vehicle fast, you really cannot afford to spend too long looking. As others have said, you can make up for it in other areas as you’re able 🙂

    • Lauren , Direct link to comment

      Car shopping was much more difficult than I’d imagined! You really have to do your homework and be careful. Financing wasn’t my first choice, but I think it’s for the best. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

  • Liz , Direct link to comment

    Well if your PF card was revoked, then mine was probably shredded and lit on fire! We have two financed cars in our garage at the moment. It sucks but that’s just the way things happened. They will get paid off right after our student loans are out the door!

    • Lauren , Direct link to comment

      Haha! Sounds like a lot of bloggers have financed cars. I’m glad we’re in good company 🙂

  • Andrew@LivingRichCheaply , Direct link to comment

    Safety is very important…my old car broke down on the highway…that’s when I knew it was time for a newer used car. I don’t want to be stranded on the road with a little baby. Dave from YAM wrote about this today too…the interest rate was around 2% so it’s not bad…plenty of other places where the money can be put in good use.

    • Lauren , Direct link to comment

      Yeah, definitely don’t want to take any chances with kids. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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  • Michael@Save-Invest-Grow , Direct link to comment

    I wouldn’t worry about it too much. If I had a small child, safety would be #1 on my list too. There are other ways to be frugal where you can make up for it, where maybe only convenience (vs safety) is at stake. Your pf blogger card is NOT revoked! Have a great weekend!

  • Jen @Sprout Wealth , Direct link to comment

    I am sure you have a good reason for financing the car. Based on what I have read about how you want your finances positioned, it’s pretty sure that you will breeze through this and get to the finish line. The discipline is apparent and that is very exemplary.

  • Bre @ The Weight of Debt , Direct link to comment

    We are in the up debate about whether to buy a used from craigslist and pay cash or finance a car too! We talk about it every day. We really need another vehicle. Preferably one that is reliable. The issue is reliable is it costs more money than we can pay in cash. It is such a hard decision while being so against debt.

    There are quite a few cars that are newer dealership used that have 100k or 10 year warranties which you can get for like 10-12K which sounds like a pretty good deal without breaking the bank. Such a hard decision. Your post is making me even more so lean towards financing a cheaper newer car!

    • Lauren , Direct link to comment

      I know, it is tough to decide! The car we bought is a 2012 and it still has the original warranty for another 2 years or so. We just didn’t want to take a chance with another older car from a private seller. Hopefully you’ll find a great car, even if you do have to finance 🙂

  • Anneli @thefrugalweds , Direct link to comment

    Well if your PF blogger card gets taken away, they’ll prolly take ours too 🙂 We got a pretty sweet deal with the used car we just bought about 2 months ago. We fully intend on paying it off within the 1st year – so the very low interest rate will basically be negligible 🙂
    I think that you have to be true to what you and your family need and if someone has a problem with it, its on them. I’m certainly not going to judge you 🙂 We’re all learning and we’re all being as responsible as we can be – that’s what matters! Enjoy the weekend!!

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