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About My name is Lauren. I’m a freelance writer and a content strategist, helping individuals and small businesses create killer blog posts. The Write Budget is where I talk money, freelancing, and frugality.

I began my freelance writing career by chance, and over the last several years it has allowed me to work from home doing something that I truly love. Helping small businesses and individuals create blog posts that entertain and engage is a passion of mine, along with traveling and living simply.

I’m a wife and a mom, always looking for new ways to bring in extra money and save more to help my family reach our financial goals. I share things that work for me, as well as things that I think will be helpful for you, too.

Here are some of my favorite posts to check out:

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  1. Hi Lauren! I’m happy that I found your blog and so far am enthralled and want to read more! I’m curious though, do you have a post about how you got started in freelancing and ghost writing? I look forward to reading more!!

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