DIY Christmas Gifts for Mom

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to make Mom smile, unless you’re strapped for cash or stuck for ideas, that is. In that case, you might be feeling the pressure to come up with a gift that shows how much you care without looking cheap.

These 15 DIY Christmas gifts for Mom let her know that you put thought, effort, and creative skills into something sweet.

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is choosing the perfect gifts for friends and family. However, my budget doesn’t always match my desires. That’s when DIY gifts come in so handy.

No money for Christmas gifts this year? No problem!

All you need is a few bucks for a couple of supplies to make a special Christmas present for her.

Many of these DIY gifts require just a few simple materials, like hot glue, mod-podge, thrifted items, and even ingredients you probably already have sitting in your kitchen cabinets.

DIY Christmas Gifts for Mom to Warm Her Heart

Whether it’s because of a lack of cash or you simply love to make special handcrafted presents, giving a handmade gift is always a great idea.

Moms, in particular, feel so touched when we take the time to come up with a special gift just for them. Putting your heart into something thoughtful means so much more than spending money.

Growing up, I made so many gifts for my mom and she still lovingly displays them during the holidays. It means so much!

As a mom myself now, there are few gifts that I treasure as much as the ones that are handmade by my kids. I know always loved the process of making special presents for my parents on holidays. Even as an adult, I still give my mom a handmade gift or two every year, in addition to other store-bought presents.

Looking for ideas that are easy and affordable? We’ve got great DIY Christmas gifts for Mom.

These budget-friendly DIYs are simple to make and can be completely customized for the special recipient. Warm Mom’s heart this holiday by showing her you took the time to create a homemade gift just for her:


No-sew Fleece Blanket

Mom will love to snuggle up under a cozy fleece blanket made by you. The best part? No sewing skills needed, and no poking your fingers with a needle!


Photo Frame Lantern

Take dollar store photo frames and create a cool lantern at a fraction of the price. Add a flameless candle or colorful ornaments to the center for a beautiful decor piece.


Mason Jar Snow Globe

Turn an ordinary mason jar into a winter wonderland decor piece. Add any cute character you like to the inside.


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DIY Sugar Scrubs

Pamper her with a seasonally sweet sugar scrub. Yummy and easy to make, these scrubs are ideal for moms who need a little time to themselves to unwind and refresh. You can raid your kitchen cabinets for ingredients and you’ll have a great gift in no time at all.

Infused Olive Oils

Try a delicious DIY olive oil to help mom make delicious dishes. You can try a variety of different infusions for fresh, fragrant flavors.



Mom will stay toasty outside even in the cold with these easy to make hand warmers. These are perfect for moms who don’t let the winter chill keep them indoors all season long.


Thrifted Teacup Candles

Give thrift store teacups a new purpose by turning them into charming candles. It’s a great way to upcycle a pretty cup and give mom something useful at the same time.


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Coffee Cup Sleeve

Whether she’s a coffee or tea lover, help her keep her beverage of choice warm with a cute custom coffee cup sleeve.


Mod-Podge Photo Ornament

Ornaments are an easy way to make an heirloom gift that’ll be enjoyed for many years. A one-of-a-kind ornament to adorn her tree is one that she’ll treasure for Christmases to come.


Handpainted Garden Stones

Does your Mom have a green thumb, or does she simply love to add a few pretty decorative touches to her flower beds? Either way, Mom will be ready to decorate her Spring garden with precious handpainted stones.


Dry Erase Menu Board

Keeping up with meal planning can be tough. Make her life a little easier with this cute kitchen menu that wipes clean.


Simmer Pot Potpourri

A natural and fresh way to make the home smell amazing in any season. Choose a blend of sweet-smelling ingredients to create a delicious stovetop potpourri.


Pretty Jewelry Holder

Mom’s necklaces and earrings will stay organized with a pretty DIY jewelry holder.


Upcycled Apron

Does your mom like to cook, bake, or even just to craft? Help her keep her clothing protected while she works. Take old shirts, whether they’re yours or hers, and turn them into a colorful apron.


Custom Tote Bag

Take the time to come up with an image or a phrase that you know she would love, and then paint or draw onto a tote bag. It’s perfect for carrying groceries, library books, and more.



Whatever the occasion, make mom smile with a special gift that you made just for her. Any of these DIY gift ideas are sure to please!