Surprise the Kids with a Free Santa Message

Surprise your children or grandchildren with a sweet free message from Santa Claus. Whether you want to start a fun new tradition, encourage your little one to be on their best behavior, or just want to bring a smile to their faces, these apps and services have got you covered.

There are several awesome ways to send the kids a personalized message, including free Santa videos, a free Santa letter, Santa postcards, pictures, and more. We’ve put together this list of the many ways that you can bring a little magic to your kids lives this holiday season for free:

Portable North Pole

Customize your free video and see the amazement on your child’s face as they watch. PNP offers many extras, including premium videos, but the free option is still great. You can add your child’s photo and even have Santa mention their name, age, and if they’ve made the nice list.


Send a free personalized postcard from Santa to motivate your little ones to be on their best behavior before Christmas. Santa will encourage your child to do 5 things to end up on the nice list, like be nice to their sibling, pick up toys, etc.

Santa Spy Cam

The Santa Spy Cam app will convince your little one that Santa is indeed real! This app sends you high-quality videos and photos of Santa right in your home. Options also include outdoor Santa scenes, like Santa riding away in his sleigh.


This website streams Santa’s official reindeer live feed. Kids can watch Santa feed his reindeer at 11 am and 7 pm during the week, and 7 pm on weekends. You can add your child’s name to the Nice List, which runs like a ticker along the bottom of the feed.

Package From Santa

Create a free personalized video from Santa Claus. Other additional features include a phone call via the app, a nice list guide to help your child be on their best behavior, a letter package, and more.

More Letters From Santa

Another exciting option is to create a letter from Santa to send to your child. Send a custom free message from Santa with a special letter. You can find templates to print out your own or try one of these websites:

This site is, unfortunately, not free, but for $8.99 you can create a customized letter with additional features to surprise your child. This site offers several beautiful templates to choose from. Personalize your letter and add fun extras like stickers, postcards, and more.

Official North Pole Mail

Your child will truly be excited to receive their package direct from the North Pole. For $9.95 you can choose from a variety of letter categories, including Kindergarten, well behaved, disbelieving, and more. You can also write your own letter or send your child a certificate certifying that they are on the official nice list.

Santa Claus House

Santa Claus House has been sending and receiving letters from North Pole, Alaska since 1952. You can send and receive year-round. You can choose from hundreds of letter styles.


Call for a Free Message From Santa

Have Santa give the kids a call, or let the little ones dial him directly! These sites are perfect for Santa phone calls:

Santa’s Hotline

With this phone number, you can give Santa a call any time and let your little ones leave him a message.

Package From Santa

This app lets you receive a free personalized phone call from Santa. You can set the date and time and your child’s photo will even appear on your phone or tablet screen!

Message From Santa

This magical app lets you give Santa a call on his mobile device and leave him a message. Santa can also give your kids a call and share some words of advice on how they can get on the nice list.

Amazon Alexa

Use your Alexa device to give Santa a call. This post explains how it works.

Make this holiday season even more magical for your kids, grandkids, nieces, and nephews. Any of these options are sure to bring a big smile to their faces and help them stay on Santa’s Nice List this year!