Wedding venue ideas

Low Budget Wedding Venues

Wedding planning on a budget is so exciting, but can be super stressful! Sticking to your plan and keeping costs down means doing a lot of research and taking on much, if not all, of the planning yourself.

As a budget bride, you still want the most beautiful day, just at a price that you can actually afford! Choosing your venue is usually one of the first big steps to take.  Here are some awesome ideas for low budget wedding venues:

Private Home

Holding your wedding at a private home can provide a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere that that won’t lack elegance. It could be a family friend or relative’s home, or even your own! It’s a great money-saving option that also gives you a lot of flexibility.

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Local Business

Is there a small business in your community that you love to visit? It could be a coffee shop, cafe, bakery, restaurant, or even a retail store with a beautiful interior and great ambiance. Reach out to the owner and see if they’d be willing to allow you to use the venue for your wedding. It could be a perfect place for a unique and intimate ceremony, and if it’s a place you enjoy, it could even hold special meaning for you.

Art Gallery

Art galleries offer you a one-of-kind space for a ceremony and reception. Perfect for creative couples on a budget.


A museum is an elegant, unique place to hold a wedding, and in many cases, they’re great low budget wedding venues! Choose a few museums in the area and contact them to find out what they charge for events. You’ll likely be pleasantly surprised at their affordable rates.


Park wedding

Local Park

Take advantage of the beauty of the outdoors with a wedding in a park. Many local parks allow you to get a permit for your event at an extremely affordable rate. Some parks even come with facilities that make a laid back ceremony and reception easy to pull off.

Rental Property

If you just can’t find a family home or affordable venue, turn to Airbnb. When searching, look for properties that can be rented and used for an event. You could find the perfect home to hold your wedding, and you’ll have a place to stay for the evening, too. No need to leave the site all day!


Theaters are an excellent low budget wedding venue option. Many smaller local theaters are able to offer the use of their space when performances aren’t on the schedule.


It’s not just a good place to grab a book! The library can actually be a cool, low-cost wedding venue.

More to consider when choosing a budget-friendly wedding venue:


  • Think about your potential guest list. if you haven’t already set the guest list, get a rough idea of how many people you’re¬†inviting to the big day.


  • Pick a few dates that can work. You’ll likely need to be flexible to get the venue you want when planning a wedding on a budget.


  • Don’t get your heart set on one place. Keep an open mind, call several options, and view them all before settling on the venue.


  • Don’t forget the additional costs. Depending on the place you choose, you may need to provide seating, catering, etc. A budget-friendly wedding venue can end up costing you more once you add in all of the other expenses.