The 4 Biggest Lessons I Learned from Student Loan Debt

debt lessonsIt’s quickly approaching the one year anniversary of my last student loan payment. While I’ve been enjoying my new-found freedom from debt, I’ve had some time to reflect on the 6 year long journey of paying it off.

Anyone who has had, or currently has, student loan debt hanging over them knows how overwhelming and insurmountable it can feel at times. Whether you have a 4, 5, or even 6 figure debt that you’re trying to tackle, there are moments when you feel like it will never be paid off.

Speaking as someone who has come out on the other side, I can tell you that there are actually some great lessons to be learned from paying back those hefty student loans.

Here are the 4 biggest ones that I’ve taken away from my experience:

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Lauren May is a freelance writer and full-time mom living her best life on a budget.

4 thoughts on “The 4 Biggest Lessons I Learned from Student Loan Debt

  1. If only life can go on without having to resort to debts that only results to a lot of woes. But then again you get to read stories like yours and it makes someone like me, still tackling debts, hopeful that becoming debt-free is not next to impossible.

  2. I like your points about tackling debt just as quickly as possible versus putting it off. There really is no good reason one should wait to pay off debt if the interest rate is high enough.

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